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About Us

We are the family network of the food, grocery shops. We run our business in UK since 2006, favoured by the experience gained in the earlier years in Poland.

We do our best in order to fullfil the expectations of our Customers using the professional and solid service; low prices; the sale of fresh & full valued products and the quarantee of the wide range of the products at the KROWKA shops.

There is a Polish alcohol amongst the goods sold at the shops. We offer the wide assortment of the canned & bottled beer and Polish spirits. We need to say that we do not allow under-aged persons to buy any kind of alcohol, because it is addressed to adult persons. Our Staff is fully trained and will refuse to sell alcohol to any unathorised, underaged persons.

A wide range of Polish magazines and crossword puzzles can be bought at Krowka Shops at low prices. We are able to order any demanded magazine on the special request of the Customer.

We started the cooperation with InvestQuid Money Transmitter in order to provide the full service and convenience. InvestQuid offers quick, cheap and professional money transfers to Poland.We have been transfering money for three years and we assure that the system is fully comfortable, sure and checked by us and hundreds of Customers. Our Staff is fully trained and will answer your questions regarding any information connected with the money transfers. If you would like to read any details connected with the transfers, you can find it here.

We started the cooperation with the Travels Agents – Orbis Transport and Sindbad. We provide the possibility of buying the tickets of Orbis or Sindbad or making any changes on the tickets already bought directly at the Krowka shops.

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